Kimberley Dahme was born on April 22 in San Pablo California, but says she grew up in various rural towns in central and southern California, out by the Mojave desert. She even had a horse for a while which she rode bareback because they couldn't afford a saddle. She started her musical training at an early age. "Mom gave me piano lessons and I've been hooked on music ever since. The first song I learned was 'Jesus Loves Me'. I was about 8 when I got to sing in public.

Larry Love was a folk singer who performed at the local Strawhat Pizza Parlor. I'd start singing along when he was playing campfire songs so one day he pulled me up on stage. I was thrilled that people seemed to like my singing."

Kimberley started to play the flute in third grade and the guitar in sixth. She was in a Boston cover band in fifth grade and performed at a Feed the Children benefit at thirteen. Always athletic and sort of a tom-boy, Kimberley was tall for her age and competed head-on with the boys. She loved being on the swim team and played basketball in college. She still holds the rebound record at her school but music was her first love. Kimberley remembers her high school vocal coach, Pollie Vashe, with much affection. There were school plays, madrigals, Rennaisance singers, the Nightengales and the Ducketts quartet. She and two friends did the National anthem as an a cappella trio. She was on the "You Can Be a Star" TV show. She played acoustic guitar in bars for Sunday brunch and Saturday nights. At 19 she started to do radio jingles as a singer and songwriter. Her credits include Toyota, Wrangler jeans and Pontiac.

She studied music in college and took up Radio/TV announcing to overcome her shyness. As a Freshman in college she won a solo part in "A Midsummer Nights Dream" over 75 other girls. That took her to Europe for a 6 week tour where she impressed a new group of fans. Her new friends in Berlin, Sandra and Ulf, wanted to help Kimberley reach new audiences so they started the website. That's why the Guestbook headings are in German.

Kimberley moved to Nashville ("it felt like home as soon as I got there") where she won a spot on the Nashville New Faces World tour. That took her to back to Germany where she made many friends and fans. She's been back to perform many times as single or duo. Back in the USA and working in Tom Hambridge's band, Kimberley was noticed by Tom Scholz of the band Boston, who came to a club performance to check out Hambridge as a replacement drummer for Boston. Scholz liked Hambridge but was really impressed with Kimberley's singing and asked her if she played bass. Without hesitation she answered "I can learn!" and a couple of months later was on stage with Boston at the Fiesta Bowl in front of 80,000 people and millions of TV viewers.

Tom Scholz liked her songwriting so much that he included her song "With You" on the latest Boston CD, Corporate America. She had recorded it as a one-take voice and guitar demo but Tom loved the performance so much that he just added a few backing tracks and it went on the album. Two tours with the band have made her one of the fan's favorites and a stand out example for women who Rock. Kimberley has just released her own CD, "Let's Sleep On It Tonight" co-produced with Grammy nominated producer, Tom Hambridge. The eleven songs are written or co-written by her and show her remarkable insight for life, love and perserverance. "My mom always said 'you've got to follow your dream'.

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