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Kimberley Dahme came, saw and conquered Vagon Club in Prague.

One of Nashville’s most famous solo artists, also bass player for the legendary rock band Boston, Kimberley Dahme recently headlined the first edition of Play Prague. At the closing concert of this festival in Club Vagon this true artist again proved to belong to the top of the bill.

The modestly filled Club Vagon by then has already witnessed some nice gigs, including Stan Webb. During his performance, Kimberley helps out by doing his backing vocals. The audience however seems not yet impressed. In order to arouse this crowd, more power seems essential! Apparently K’s reputation is ahead of her as the Club is filling up rapidly when she mounts the stage. The live versions of her country pop/rock songs are powerful enough to ecstasize Club Vagon. Her Czech backing band delivers a more than satisfactory performance, even after just one rehearsal together! By title song “You make me believe” she excellently promotes her most recent studio album, an ode to her fans, filled with some great rock songs. Proof of this is also the strong “Love don’t leave me now”. It does not matter if she rocks her butt off or plays beautifully sensitive ballads like “With you”, it obviously comes from a big musical heart. Kimberley concludes this short performance by a smashing version of the Beatle song “Come together”, which is warmly welcomed by the audience.

If you ever have the opportunity to see Kimberley Dahme performing live on stage (be it acoustic, with backing band or Boston) do not hesitate and go as I can assure you it will be an unforgettable experience!

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